What we think is important

Our Ssynfuel+ is climate-neutral!

If the level of CO2 in our atmosphere is too high, this will change it into an insulation blanket. Due to this, the earth will become warmer than desirable with all of its consequences. In the Netherlands, we annually consume almost 7 billion liters of diesel. This results in an increase of 20 billion kilograms CO2 a year! Our sustainable diesel fuels reduce these CO2 emissions with 17% to 100%.

Our Ssynfuel+ is fossil free!

Future Fuels invests in sustainability. This is essential to counteract the climate change. Our sustainable diesel fuel Ssynfuel+ is fossil free so no petroleum or natural gas is used as raw material. Therefore subsidence and earthquake effects are out of the question.

Emission reduction of 30 – 70%

An engine that runs on diesel produces polluting exhaust gases. In older diesel engines, our sustainable diesel fuels reduce these pollutant emissions up to 70%. In the modern and much cleaner diesel engines, our sustainable diesel fuels still reduce the pollutant emissions with more than 30%. Hence, our sustainable diesel fuels are much better for the environment, the engine, the air quality and our health.

100% waste reduction

‘Food for Fuel’ is an unacceptable application. Because of that, our sustainable resources are extracted from vegetable waste oils. These oils have already had their application in food preparation. The waste products, that remain and have to be discarded, are refined by us to high-quality sustainable diesel fuels on a synthetic base.

Up to 10% fuel saving

Our sustainable diesel fuels feature high quality, high product purity and a high cetane number. This results in a much better utilisation of the available energy as well as less emission and a better performance. In many cases, this leads to a considerable fuel reduction and less pollution.

Our resource is endless

A major part of the required resources for our sustainable diesel fuels are retrievable resources. An advantage is that retrievable resources reduce the requirement of mineral resources. Do you know how many cubic kilometers of gas and oil have been pumped up out of our globe in the last hundred years? What are the geological consequenses of this on the long term? Definitely something to consider.

Ssynfuel+ is completely biodegredable

In case of accidental spillage of this product, the soil completely transforms it to components that are harmless to nature. Therefore it doesn’t cause any permanent damage to nature and environment.

All year suitable for winter conditions

Our sustainable diesel fuels are suitable for winter conditions throughout the whole year. This is one less thing to worry about in your logistics department. No unwanted standstill because of frozen diesel products. The Future Fuels products are always secured at -20⁰C or less.

ISCC- EU certified

Both our sustainable diesel fuels and our company are ISCC-EU certified. Why? The ISCC-EU is a safeguard for the sustainability chain. The whole process of our sustainable diesel fuels from start of production to delivery in your fuel storage tank is monitored. All the requisite energy for this process is considered in assessing the environmental impact. When a product reduces CO2 emissions by 80%, this applies throughout the entire chain. Our company is thoroughly audited extensively every year. In addition, ISCC-EU also safeguards the principles that are important for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The ISCC-EU ensures raw materials for our sustainable diesel fuels originate from countries where:

In the social sphere: There is legislation for equal rights for men and women
There is legislation that prohibits child labour
The society: Is not involved in the ‘food for fuel’ issues
Does not cause and increase in food prices due to
sustainable fuel usage
In the environmental sphere: Woods or forest are not permitted to be cut down for bio oil products
Nature reserves remain untouched and protected

Our products


  • Emission lowering
  • 17% CO2 reduction
  • EN590 standardisation
  • ISCC-EU Certified


  • Emission lowering
  • 24-45% CO2 reduction
  • EN590 standardisation
  • ISCC-EU Certified


  • Emission lowering
  • >89% CO2 reduction
  • EN15940 standardisation
  • ISCC-EU Certified

Our dealers

In the Netherlands we have established a nationwide network of dealers and distributors. We are currently working on dealer and distribution networks in various other European countries.
We will keep you updated via this website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for this sustainable diesel fuel is higher than for ‘normal’ diesel fuel. The principle ‘the polluter pays’ unfortunately does not hold here. However, the product is of a much higher quality. It is better for the environment, better for the engine and better for you. Higher quality comes at a certain cost. Just contact us for a proper quotation.

Our distributors deliver the sustainable diesel fuels directly to your doorstep. A storage tank will be needed. If you do not have a storage tank, we help with that as well. Just contact us for further information.

The ISCC-EU certificates for both the product and our company are your guarantee of sustainability. Every delivery comes with an ISCC-EU Biofuel Delivery Statement (BDS) which indicates how much CO2 you have reduced.